The New Mobile Shopping Experience


Here at QBOT, we understand that technology is evolving at an ever-increasing rate, and in response, so is the mobile shopping experience.  By “experience” it is meant that the ability to receive both push notifications and instant discounts via smart phone is changing how people spend, but companies should not discount word of mouth, or should we say …word on web advertising.


Smart savings can now come in astounding varieties and mobile commerce, through social media, is helping to set future standards of utilization by ensuring a mobile shopping dependency for business owners and consumers alike.


Chuck Martin, in his article Under the Radar in Mobile Shopping (click on the link below for the full article), discusses a mobile shopping experience he had utilizing his personal social network. Through GroupMe and Facebook, Martin, his wife and two sons were able to share pictures of items and sale information about potential retail purchases with their nearest and dearest. Martin’s article emphasizes, “that all of these types of interactions occur outside of the traditional sales process and are facilitated by always-on access to the network via mobile devices.” The Martin family was able to shop and share information via their social network, making their buying decisions without the usual sales associate interaction.


Technology is changing shoppers’ expectations with the paperless advertising of email and text notifications.  Socially savvy consumers, like Martin, welcome the input and opinions from friends and family through the use of smart phone technology.


Smart phone users are the new generation of shoppers and they not only utilize the convenience of a mobile shopping network…they demand it. QBOT facilitates consumer savings with an essential provider/consumer partnership and specialized deals maintain user loyalty through specified rewards programing.


QBOT’s growing presence in the mobile marketplace is not only gaining attention from local small businesses and national retail providers, but it is also gaining user popularity thanks to word on web testimonials and essential social sharing from enthusiastic Q-sers. Savings have never been so accessible. The good news is, through QBOT, the savings are only getting bigger. Better? We’ll let consumers decide.

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