QBOT Reaches 100k Users

QBOT reached the impressive milestone of 100k users last week, and affiliates are thrilled. On May 2, 2013 QBOT (via Facebook) launched a challenge: The person to create the 100,000th  QBOT user account would receive monetary amazement!! Because nothing motivates like money , Face-bookers were psyched. Last Friday ,Meghana Vallurupalli met the challenge and won a $100 gift card! With 100k QBOT-ers rocking the app-mosphere, the rewards are only getting greater.



The only thing QBOT wanted to ask customers is…how does Q work for you? A QBOT rep walking UALR’s campus asked a few students what they thought about the app.


“QBOT makes being broke better.” –Sam (engineering major)

“I don’t eat on campus unless I have my phone.  I need those loyalty scans!” – Drew (Theatre major)


“If I don’t have [QBOT], I don’t go.  QBOT gives me options.” – Chloe (English major)

Stop by the UALR food court to see what QBOT can save you.

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