QBOT Attends The Southwest Food Service Expo

QBOT recently attended the 75th Southwest Foodservice Expo (June 23-24th), the largest foodservice tradeshow in the region, and were amongst hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of foodservice professionals for two days. The expo showcased a multitude of companies and QBOT’s Dallas, Ft. Worth and Corporate teams were thrilled to be there.

Exhibitors from the industry represented hundreds of products and services, to name a few: food, beverages, equipment, technology and entertainment, tableware/linens, and apparel/uniforms. QBOT gave away some fresh “keep your drank” ice-cold promos, orange and blue Q-zies, to appreciative participants who were eager to hear about QBOT’s personal rewards program for businesses and consumers.


Image 1

The photo above features one of QBOT’s reps giving a personal application tour, demonstrating just how easy earning rewards is.  Because QBOT can quickly be located in a customer’s smartphone’s mobile marketplace, potential Q-sers have the ability to download the app and instantly set up each personal account.  After the account is established—savings begin.


For more information on this process, click on the link below to watch the QBOT tutorial. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=82alJm0hahU

The Texas Restaurant Association’s Southwest Food Service Expo is an amazing event and QBOT was proud to be there.  For QBOT, representing a rewards and loyalty program that benefits both sides of the consumer/provider table, service has never been so satisfying.

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