Customer Loyalty Programs And What That Means For QBOT

There’s a lot of talk about rewards programs lately and with consumers becoming more savings savvy than ever  and QBOT is stepping up to the challenge. Rewards programs are taking off as digital apps rapidly replace traditional loyalty cards.  The programs that offer the best perks… get the most users. The trick is—keeping them long-term.

Market statistics show that rewards programs work. Consumer loyalty proves it, and by implementing a loyalty program businesses can identify the difference between occasional users and loyal customers. Tim Donnelly, contributing writer for Inc. Online, schools companies on how to go about it in his 2010 article How To Start A Customer Rewards Program. Donnelly touches on the idea that smaller businesses rewarding their loyal customers makes better business sense than offering big discounts to everyone on everything.

There are a couple of sure-fire ways for companies to keep their customers loyal, but the key to any successful rewards system is finding that sweet spot where both merchants and customers benefit.

The rewards program, that a business implements,  should not only focus on the company’s type of business, but should also cultivate the relationships that are most important. Retail, airline, and restaurant rewards programs are no brainers because customers love them, and the benefits the merchants experience far exceed their costs.

Some important considerations for any company planning the  implementation of a rewards program should be, “What are my competitors doing, offering, and spending on their program/programs?” With these questions in mind, many companies are choosing the digital app route. QBOT is a personal rewards system (in the form of a digital application) that keeps customers coming, dare we say, back-to-app.  It offers more than just single discounts, which are used and forgotten quickly. Donnelly explained that plenty of companies bring in customers regularly because of their ambiance, sociability, and potential points customers can earn with each purchase.  QBOT works much the same way. The savings are always with you on your mobile device.

Company’s looking to join the rewards market should consider making the first reward easily attainable so customers can experience the thrill of a reward early on. QBOT offers instant savings at sign-up, with automated point and status upgrades per scan. Consumers are in the market place because they want something.  So…what could be more exciting than scoring an instant discount on products purchased  regularly?

Another key, to launching a successful loyalty program, is customer awareness.  No matter the awesomeness of  your loyalty program, it’ll never take off if no one knows about it. Ideally , every cashier will ask every customer if he or she is a member of your rewards program at every sale. This scenario is ideal because the best way to promote consumer loyalty is to “push the program”. QBOT works with local businesses, personally training employees, to ensure customers get their rewards and in return businesses get more business. Rewards not only ensure customer satisfaction, they also promote loyalty.

According to Donnelly’s article ,this type of system (customer service representation) works best in low-turnover environments… aka small businesses.  He also suggests that company employees should be ambassadors for their programs, know the program inside and out, and should also be able to explain its value.

QBOT is also helping businesses track important consumer purchase information.  They know that monitoring such information can help a business’s sale strategy and sculpt pathways for future retention.  With over a hundred companies affiliated with QBOT, and more signing on every day, they are not only helping consumers save but are also helping businesses grow with customized rewards, detailed tracking, and un-limited push notifications.

In the world of personal rewards programs QBOT may be a small blip on current consumer reports radar, however, interest and usage are growing at an ever-increasing rate. The retail market seems to be recovering, finally, from a long dry run, and consumers are eagerly uploading the savings.

America is a country built by an industrious consumer society, undeniably, and Americans want what they want—when they want it. Instant gratification is the name of the new mobile rewards game, and QBOT has positioned itself to be a major up-and-coming contender.  It’s a Q’winQ’win situation for consumers and business alike.

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