Careers & QBOT U

QBOT Careers

QBOT offers an exciting, modern, team-based work environment. If you have a proven work ethic, an ability to work as part of a team & are looking for rewarding work with an opportunity for advancement then QBOT may be the perfect fit. At QBOT, we transform the way companies interact with customers & help businesses grow. Our QBOT sales initiative team think strategically & nationally, setting the path for our business & ensure we run smoothly. Our team has developed & implemented next generation sales techniques & strategies to optimize operations & establish initiatives in markets across the country. We measure our impact on improved revenue for businesses & customer satisfaction. QBOT is transforming the way businesses interact with their customers & our sales initiative team helps businesses of all sizes do just that. QBOT will equip you with the tools & knowledge to leverage the consumer/customer relationship to ensure revenue growth.

QBOT Intern Program

If you want to gain a valuable skillset & the experience of a lifetime, then the QBOT Internship is for you. We bring in students from around the nation to our “sales academy” which demonstrates & teaches them not only how to sell a product, but also how to become an expert in the field of marketing. You will learn advertising, selling techniques, how to successfully run a social media campaign. What you don’t know is that the skills and knowledge acquired during the “sales academy” & throughout the summer will provide you with a stepping stone to a career post-graduation. You will be miles ahead of the competition & enter the workforce with confidence & passion.