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We at QBOT know how important customer satisfaction is within successful commerce, and as a service providing company we have two types of customers to keep in mind. Our main motivators are the businesses that sign-up for QBOT’s customer loyalty program, and the users themselves.

I had the pleasure of meeting with three well-established business owners in two of Little Rock’s surrounding areas. Gail and John Mitchell are the long time owners of Greek Alley in Conway and Mr. Guy Parker is the owner of Chick-fil-A in Bryant.

Both businesses signed on about a year ago, and we at QBOT wanted to know what our customizable rewards and loyalty app was doing for their establishment.  Both businesses were eager to share.


My first interview, with Greek Alley, took place in Conway Arkansas about 30 minutes northwest of Little Rock.  Greek Alley is a fraternity/sorority outfitters paradise located minutes away from the UCA campus, and their main customers are college students and alumni.

Greek Alley in Conway Arkansas

Greek Alley in Conway Arkansas


I must say Gail and John Mitchell are two of the most refreshingly pleasant people working in the retail industry.  Their upbeat attitudes and laid-back personalities made the interview a breeze.

When asked why they decided to go with QBOT, they had a two- part answer. They first mentioned that without the QBOT representative’s visit to their store, they probably would never have thought of implementing a personal rewards program into their daily business routine. John said, “we never realized how much a loyalty program would mean to our customers and I truly feel that QBOT has given us a definite competitive advantage.”

Both Gail and John Mitchell specifically mentioned QBOT’s loyalty program for businesses, and how much they believe it has helped bring additional foot traffic to Greek Alley.  John, claiming to do very little advertising him-self, knows his clientele appreciate a good bargain and he finds that QBOT is quite good at getting the word out to their customers. When asked what their favorite aspect of QBOT was they couldn’t pick just one.  Both spoke in confident unison and mutually decided upon “beneficial” and “convenient”.


My second interview was with Guy Parker of Chick-fil-A in Bryant, about 20 minutes southwest of Little Rock.  For those that don’t already know about the Bryant Chick-fil-A… it is one jamming joint.  Parker is an extremely positive pro-active person in his community and restaurant. Now, because of QBOT, he is able to share more of his frequent restaurant promos with the public.

Chick-fil-A in Bryant Arkansas

Chick-fil-A in Bryant Arkansas


Parker knew he wanted a new rewards program for his customers after the first program he signed on with didn’t pan out.  Through QBOT’s merchant port, Parker has had the ability to customize the loyalty rewards for his 1,500 QBOT using customers.  The easy to use flexible program is just what Parker was looking for and the free advertising Chick-fil-A receives from being on the list of merchants in the app is an added bonus.

When I asked what his favorite aspect of QBOT was, Parker was quick to answer.  The marketing value that QBOT offers his restaurant fits the specific demographic of smart phone users Chick-fil-A is trying to reach.

Toward the end of the interview I prompted Mr. Parker to give his one word sum-up and just as it was with the Mitchell’s, Parker had trouble choosing just one.  “Rewarding” was first and “loyalty” was quick to follow.  Parker feels that his custom program, formatted through QBOT, is a “…neat way to honor valued customers and a neat way to reward frequent diners with free food…through the use of loyalty scans.”


We at QBOT take no greater pleasure than to serve our merchants and our users to the best of our ability, so it would seem that the rewards are reciprocal.  Without our valued users, both merchant and consumer alike, where would we be? We wouldn’t.  So we show our gratitude, as best we know how, through our unwavering dedication to bringing convenient rewards to all loyal customers looking to benefit from amazing savings—and we like the fact that one word will not suffice to sum us up.

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